Indoor Sports

As far as indoor sports are concerned, Sportilia offers a sports building with an artificially-pressed seasoned beech floor produced by an advanced processing technique designed to achieve outstanding practicability and elasticity.


palazzetto sporitlia

This special flooring makes the structure particularly suitable for basketball , volleyball , fencing martial arts and it is suitable for any kind of indoor events

This structure consists of two adjacent fields, and can hold a large number of spectators, if necessary.
Nearby the sports building, Sportilia offers another futuristic geodetic structure suitable for indoor sports such as basket, volley, futsal, handball, roller hockey .Both facilities has been used by prestigious national teams like the Italian and Cuba volley ball and basket ball national teams and the italian roller hockey national team.


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WBSC SUPERCAMP 2015 3 December 2014

Erasmus + 1 December 2014